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While over 70% of minority students play video games, the workforce $150B gaming and $1.5B esports industries are almost non-existent to underrepresented and underserved communities. GamerEd® is a content-based education platform designed to teach and train the next generation of diverse leaders in the gaming and esports industries.  The content is created in partnership with universities and video game companies supporting gaming and esports education.  The GamerEd ® technology allows for the creation of engaging educational content that is used for student assessment through a private learning management system. 

Using approved curricula, GamerEd® provides education for K-12 students with a key focus on middle school and high school students. Our curriculum will allow students to be prepared for future endeavors in the gaming and esports industries. The curriculum will also allow student to identify potential careers that are possible by participating in the GamerEd® initiative. GamerEd® is also a bridge to colleges with gaming and esports programs ensuring students get the information needed to make sound decisions.

The youth of our community are key to the future of the gaming and esports industries and underrepresented communities will be leaders in this effort….if GamerEd® has anything to do with it.



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