GamerEd® features a Career and Technical Education (CTE) platform that teaches specific career skills to students in high school as they prepare for post-secondary institutions.  The project allows educators to develop strategies that allow 9-12 students to expand their knowledge and behavior as they make both college and career decisions.  Blended courses, using academic and applied techniques, support 8 of the 16 CTE career cluster tracks:

  1. Business, Management and Administration
  2. Arts, Audio/visual technology, and communications
  3. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
  4. Marketing, Sales and Service
  5. Hospitality and Tourism
  6. Human Services
  7. Government and Public Administration
  8. Education and Training

CTE Four –Year Track

The GamerEd® Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses allow students to build up to a senior project using gaming and esports as a platform for future career readiness. 

Freshman Year – Introduction to Gaming and Esports

Sophomore Year – Careers in Gaming and Esports

Junior Year – Using Technology in Gaming and Esports

Senior Year – Capstone Project / Building a Gaming and Esports Business

Success – Certification of Completion That Allows Students Eligibility for Scholarships at Partner Institutions 

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